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Both cutting modes ARe standard with LaserCoil

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All LaserCoil systems include Continuous and Feed Index Modes as shown in this video.

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LaserCoil Technologies Announces Virtual Controller Capability

LaserCoil Technologies LLC has announced its Virtual Controller, which can run the company’s coil-fed laser blanking systems virtually using true production rates and enabling the...
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RSDC Orders Laser Blanking Line from LaserCoil Technologies

LaserCoil Technologies has announced that RSDC (Holt, Mich.), the largest metal toll processor under one roof in North America, has placed an order for a...
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LaserCoil Reveals Patented Scrap Handling Approach in Coil-Fed Laser Blanking System

LaserCoil Technologies LLC has released information on how its patented conveyor design significantly contributes to the speed of the company’s coil-fed laser cutting systems. The...
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Read About the Value of Laser Blanking from Coil and Robot Racking
People tend to think of laser blanking as a niche manufacturing methodology or prototyping resource, and mechanical stamping as a process better suited for high-throughput environments. However, a multitude of factors determine what makes a successful manufacturing operation. These factors include customer responsiveness, product quality, efficiency, flexibility, maintenance and scrap reduction, material-yield improvement, overall cost reduction, and profitability. Given the advances in laser technology, manufacturers may find, in many cases, that laser blanking offers a more economical option than stamping.


Read About Technology Advantages and Getting the Most From Laser Blanking
Laser blanking from continuous-fed coil stock is starting to make its mark in high-production environments. With new systems accommodating 8-kW lasers, any company processing multiple materials and a high mix of models needs to seriously consider laser blanking as an alternative to stamping. These systems provide flexibility in a multitude of ways, such as the ability to achieve quick changeover as no hard tooling is required, the ability to cut a variety of materials as lasers are material agnostic and the ability of lasers to cut any variety of complex shapes, to name just a few.

LaserCoil Technology Center

LaserCoil’s flexibility redefines achievable net shape blanking and scrap reduction for cost savings

The value of the LaserCoil blanking approach extends beyond the initial blanking operation into downstream process improvements. Within this website we share many of the obvious benefits delivered by blanking from coil using lasers. Since our investment into this technology starting in 2008, we have learned the extensive value manufacturers can achieve by applying this technology. Let us show you how LaserCoil might benefit your operation. Just contact us to set up a visit to our Technnology Center in Perryburg, Ohio.