LaserCoil CAM™

Imagine Designing and Machining a Die in Under 30 Minutes

Think about accomplishing a job changeover in 5 minutes.  Without the need for hard tooling, a laser cutting system can be running new blanks simply by changing the recipe. At LaserCoil, we’ve created our LaserCoil CAM software program to ensure you’re getting optimal usage out of your material and your LaserCoil system.

It begins with CAD files being imported into the  LaserCoil CAM software program.  The user can either ask the software to select the best coil from multiple coils in inventory, create the best nest for a specific coil width, or permit the program to specify the optimum coil width based upon part yield. The software then creates both a nesting pattern that maximizes material usage and a corresponding cutting path routine to operate the laser cutting system, taking into consideration the appropriate grain constraint for material flow as well as part profile.

The operator then generates the cutting path, and adjustments can be made by simply clicking on the profile parameters and setting a new cutting routine.  A simulation is run to show the sequenced travel path of the laser cutting head. The program is designed for ease-of-use, enabling even less experienced system operators to quickly create an optimized program.

LaserCoil CAM accommodates single and multiple cutting heads, as well as peripheral automation, such as the system’s dynamic conveyor lanes. In addition to optimizing the part recipes, it also controls and monitors the LaserCoil system during production.

LaserCoil CAM Nesting and Cutting Support Software

LaserCoil Technology Center

LaserCoil’s flexibility redefines achievable net shape blanking and scrap reduction for cost savings

The value of the LaserCoil blanking approach extends beyond the initial blanking operation into downstream process improvements. Within this website we share many of the obvious benefits delivered by blanking from coil using lasers. Since our investment into this technology starting in 2008, we have learned the extensive value manufacturers can achieve by applying this technology. Let us show you how LaserCoil might benefit your operation. Just contact us to set up a visit to our Technnology Center in Perryburg, Ohio.