LaserCoil Reveals Patented Scrap Handling Approach in Coil-Fed Laser Blanking System

LaserCoil Technologies LLC has released information on how its patented conveyor design significantly contributes to the speed of the company’s coil-fed laser cutting systems. The LaserCoil process relies on a series of dynamic profile conveyor lanes that independently and dynamically reposition to maintain a clear path below the moving laser head while also automatically shedding...
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New Technical Article Available

Laser blanking from continuous-fed coil stock is starting to make its mark in high-production environments. With new systems accommodating 8-kW lasers, any company processing multiple materials and a high mix of models needs to seriously consider laser blanking as an alternative to stamping. These systems provide flexibility in a multitude of ways, such as the...
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LaserCoil Technologies Enhances Coil Blanking System Speed with 8kW Laser Heads

LaserCoil Technologies LLC has increased the cutting speed and power of it laser blanking systems with the introduction of 8kW fiber lasers featuring a proprietary Z-axis design integrated directly into the laser blanking system. This feature allows the laser head to more rapidly adjust to height variations in the material, maintaining consistent stand-off. As cutting...
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