Continuous Mode

Feed Index Mode

Both cutting modes ARe standard with LaserCoil

LaserCoil Laser Blanking

The most advanced approach to blanking without dies.

Imagine your blanking operations minus the press and dies.

Installing a laser blanking system at your facility provides you with the flexibility to quickly react to changes in production as well as increasing the quality of your blanks. With a LaserCoil system, you can process a variety of coil material and cut shapes from complex body side outers to simple chevron and scroll cuts without the need for hard tooling. Our coil-fed laser blanking systems offer a variety of advantages over mechanical blanking, especially when processing today’s advanced high strength steels, which can prematurely age tooling as well as require higher stamping forces.  Imagine the time and cost savings you can achieve by not producing stamping dies.

LaserCoil Technologies’ systems are based on over half a decade of research and successful production runs since 2011. The technology originated out of Automatic Feed Company, a 70-year-old company known for being an innovator in pressroom automation . This depth of experience provides LaserCoil the right qualifications to deliver effective and unique press feeding technology to the market.

To ensure your laser system delivers all the benefits you anticipate from this technology, read this article from Shop Floor Lasers.

Eliminate Die Cost & Storage

No hard tooling is required, eliminating this investment as well as freeing up floorspace that would typically be dedicated to die storage.

Improve Edge Quality

Laser cutting reduces work hardening issues and micro-cracks, which often occur from mechanical blanking when using today’s advanced steels, creating a weld-ready edge.

Save Time

Literally cut months off new vehicle launches by eliminating the need for blanking dies. Additionally, changeover between parts takes less than ½ a day as it can involve nothing more than a new program.

Improve Material Usage

Laser cutting provides the ability to design complex blank shapes without the limitations that come from hard tooling, allowing the design of near net shape blanks while also optimizing material usage. The ability to achieve tight part nesting and the cutting of curvilinear shapes can significantly reduce material scrap.

Cut a Variety of Metals

Equally capable of cutting traditional steel, AHSS, aluminum or even pre-finished and painted coils.

Simplify Operational Requirements

LaserCoil systems require have no complex foundation requirements as they can be installed on a flat floor with only special considerations made for overhead cranes in the coil handling area.

Features Specific to LaserCoil

Patented Scrap Handling Delivers Stack-Ready Components

Conveyor lanes independently and dynamically reposition to maintain a clear path below the moving laser head while also automatically shedding scrap during the cutting process. Scrap falls to the bottom of the machine where it is conveyed to a scrap bin or shed to a scrap system. This approach delivers a burr-free, ready-to-stack part at the end of the line without impacting production time. The dynamic conveyor lanes can clearly be seen in operation in this video.

Integrated Z-Axis Design Improves Speed and Quality

Maintains higher speeds with a wider range of “less than perfectly flat” material as the laser head quickly adjusts to height variations in the material, maintaining consistent stand-off.

Independent Laser Heads Increase Flexibility and Speed

Apply multiple heads (4kW to 8kW) for a shared balancing of the workload, achieving faster processing speeds and improved productivity.  Plus, each LaserCoil laser head can cut independently of the other versus being tied together and limited to mirror-image cutting contours.

Multi-Mode Capability Increases Processing Rates and Improves Quality

Choose between Continuous Mode (On the Fly Cutting) or Feed Index Mode (Stop/Start), optimizing cutting parameters for each part configuration. See this feature in in action.

Retrofit to Existing Equipment

Whereas coil-fed systems require special coil feed and/or special stacking solutions, LaserCoil systems feature simple interfaces that work with traditional feed and stacking equipment, or even be retrofit to existing press feeding lines whether using side- or end-of-line stacking.

High-Speed Gantry Enables Speed and Coordinated Cutting Stations

A hyper-speed, linear induction motor-driven 3-axis gantry delivers speed, stability and agility during high-speed complex motion paths, as well as enabling the addition of coordinated cutting stations.

Intuitive Software for Programming Ease

LaserCoil CAM  – – unique nesting and cutting software that optimizes material use and makes changeover as simple as entering a new part number. The software takes only minutes from the importing of CAD files to active cutting of a simple blank — just import the CAD files, plug in your parameters, and the software does most of the rest.

Productivity in Action

A LaserCoil production solution is the most advanced combination of coil-fed automation and high-speed laser cutting for surface-sensitive metal blanking. LaserCoil machines can produce parts at higher speeds than have been traditionally demonstrated with laser cutting tables. This helps companies to achieve yield rates – into the 60,000 piece range – that allow the consideration of laser cutting blanks over traditional stamping processes. This helps eliminate the need for dies and achieves greater flexibility and quicker changeover. The systems can process a wide variety of coil material in aluminum, mild steel, the new high-strength steels, and other materials as well as structural components in thicknesses from 0.5 to 3.5mm and up to 2.1m wide coil at any length.

The development of LaserCoil technology began in 2008 with patent filings beginning in 2009 and customer production runs starting in 2012. Since delivering our first customer machine order in 2013, we have led in the development and application of coil-fed laser blanking. While we share several aspects of our technology through this website, the best way to experience LaserCoil is to visit our Technology Center in Perrysburg, Ohio to see it in action.

LaserCoil Technology Center

LaserCoil’s flexibility redefines achievable net shape blanking and scrap reduction for cost savings

The value of the LaserCoil blanking approach extends beyond the initial blanking operation into downstream process improvements. Within this website we share many of the obvious benefits delivered by blanking from coil using lasers. Since our investment into this technology starting in 2008, we have learned the extensive value manufacturers can achieve by applying this technology. Let us show you how LaserCoil might benefit your operation. Just contact us to set up a visit to our Technnology Center in Perryburg, Ohio.